The Big and The Small of It

I recently went for a leisurely ride with no destination in mind, and ended up in D.C.’s Georgetown neighborhood.  I was riding my recumbent bike named Julius, so named because of his bright orange appearance – Orange Julius.

Julius is a Recycled Recumbent, which are built by a home builder who chops up and then welds together steel frames from old ten speed bikes.  He then adds used components and other old parts, thus earning the recycled portion of its moniker.

I bought Julius while I was out for a ride on one of my other bikes.  I had ridden out to Alexandria to stop by the grand opening of a local community bike shop named VéloCity Bike Cooperative.  Located on Mount Vernon Avenue in the Del Ray neighborhood (MAP), VéloCity is a non-profit shop which describes itself as “a volunteer-run, educational do-it-yourself workshop offering training, rides, and events to empower all levels of cyclists in building, maintaining, and embracing the fun of bicycles.”  I spotted Julius for sale in a rack out front, and bought him on the spot.  Since I had ridden another bike to the co-op and could not ride both bikes back, I had to leave Julius until the next day.  I went back on the subway and then rode him back to his new home at my office.

Anyway, as Julius and I were riding through Georgetown today, I came across one of the smallest cars I’ve ever seen.  I don’t even know what kind of car it was.  I’ve seen toy cars like the Shriners drive in parades, but this was someone’s  actual car.  Julius was almost as long as the car, and when sitting on the bike I would be able to look down on the driver of the car.

Even when I have no destination in mind, one of the things I like about riding around the local area is that there’s always something interesting to see.   I just never know what it’s going to be.

velocity03     velocity01     subway01
[Click on the photos to view the full-size versions]

  1. Very cool. Never seen one of those, but it looks like you could park two in one parking space.


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