Recognizing and Reading Signs

Posted: July 13, 2014 in Churches, You Just Never Know
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Church Signs

Church Signs

In the photograph above is the Christian Tabernacle Church of God, located at 2033 11th Street (MAP), at the corner of V Street and 11th Street in Northwest D.C.  I went by there and took this photograph on a recent bike ride.  As a result of the layout of the intersection, the position of the church building, the fact that V Street is a one way street with traffic flowing West, and what could be described as an unfortunate choice in the placement of signage, it appears in the photograph as though the message could be misinterpreted as, “Stop. Do Not Enter this church.”  It all reminded me of a short story about recognizing and understanding the signs in your life.

There was once a giant storm that caused a small village to be flooded.  As the waters began to rise and everyone was evacuating, one man said to them, “I am going to stay! I know that God will save me!”   As the flood waters got higher, a boat came.  The man in the boat called to him, “Get in. Come with me!” “No,” replied the man.  “God will save me!”  The water got even higher.  It got so high, in fact, that the man had to climb up and get on the roof of his house.  A helicopter soon came by,  and the pilot offered to help him.  He again said, “No, God will save me!” Eventually, the flood waters got so high that they washed over the roof of the house.  The man was swept away and drowned.  When he arrived at the gates of heaven, the man asked God, “Why didn’t you save me?”  God replied, “For goodness sake! I sent a boat and a helicopter. What more do you want?”


  1. Cool picture and a funny story. Another variation is the lottery story. This can be stretched and embellished as needed, but the gist is: A fellow prays each week before the drawing that he will win the lottery. The winners are announced and he doesn’t win. This scenario is repeated week after week. Finally one night, he complains to God in his prayer that he is sorely disappointed in God’s lack of compassion for him. God replies: “You have to buy a ticket!”


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