Horace and Dickie's

Horace and Dickie’s

For July’s end-of-the-month restaurant review I chose to ride to another local eatery that is so small it is a carryout only business.  Horace and Dickie’s, located in Northeast D.C. at 809 12th Street (MAP) in the H Street Coridor of the Atlas District, is not a restaurant known for its size or its decor.  In fact, it distinctly lacks in both of those areas.  But it is a local landmark nonethless because of its delicious food.  And after all, isn’t that the most important thing to look for in a restaurant anyway?

Beginning in 1990, the hunger-inducing aroma of fried fish has been wafting out from this pint-sized dive.  Although they also serve equally-delicious fried chicken, shrimp and crabcakes, I almost always opt for the fried fish sandwich.  Given the amount of fish involved, however, calling it a fish sandwich is a little misleading.  It’s basically a couple of slices of bread buried underneath a heaping mound of four hot and crispy, lightly-breaded fresh fillets of whiting.  And that’s just the regular sandwich, not “The Jumbo.”  Along with an order of fries, some cole slaw and a soda, my end-of-the-month reward was complete,  Actually, I think a beer would have been better, but since I was only out for a lunchtime bike ride and my employer frowns on consuming alcohol during the workday, I opted against getting my preferred beverage.

There’s no reserved parking, but parking on the street is an option.  Riding a bike as I did is an even better option.  And since Horace and Dickie’s does not offer eat-in dining, a bike also offers a quick means for getting to whatever nearby venue you chose for your dining experience.  I took my lunch up the street to Lincoln Park on Capitol Hill, where I found an empty bench in the sunshine on which to enjoy my meal, and do a little people-watching.

Don’t let the occasional lines that go out the door onto the sidewalk deter you.  It would be worth the wait even if the line did not move incredibly fast.  But it does.  So make sure you have your order ready before you get to the front so you don’t hold it up.  And the value and service are right up there too.  They’re not as good as the food, but I’m okay with that.

Horace and Dickies     HoraceAndDickies03     HoraceAndDickies02
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  1. Alexis says:

    Horace and Dickie’s is classic and equally delicious! Great review of one of my favorite spots.


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