Happy To Be Wrong On This Ride

Posted: December 10, 2014 in Events, You Just Never Know
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While on the daily bike ride I take during my lunch break at work, I was riding through DuPont Circle in northwest D.C. when I saw a commotion on the other side of the park involving a group of people who were dressed in all black.  I initially thought it might be some type of gang that was mugging someone.   As I rode nearer to see what was going on, however, the commotion did not seem to include a sense of urgency or an aura of violence.  Also, the people were not only dressed in black, but they seemed to be dressed identically.  At that point I realized I was wrong about it being a mugging, and I thought that it might be a flash mob.  I have always wanted to happen upon a flash mob, and I wondered what kind of performance might be about to take place, or what they might do.  As I got a little closer I also saw several of them holding signs, but I couldn’t yet make out what the signs read.  With so many protests happening on a daily basis in this city, I assumed that I was wrong again and that it was probably just some type of protest.  Disappointed that I was probably not going to be able to witness a flash mob after all, I continued riding toward the crowd to find out what they were protesting and to see their signs.  I then found out I was wrong yet again.  Several members of the almost all-female group held signs that read “Free Hugs,” while the others in the group were hugging passersby as they walked through the park.   So what I initially thought might be a mugging actually turned out to be a “hugging.”  So I stopped and got off my bike, and received a few hugs.  As I left and finished my bike ride before heading back to my office, I was thinking about what had just happened and realized that I can’t remember a time when I was happier to be so wrong about something.


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