I’m Back

Posted: February 16, 2016 in Miscellaneous


I’m truly overjoyed to be able to write that my follow-up appointment with the surgeon went as well as it could possibly go. The pathology reports indicate that the tissue margins around the surgical site were clean, with no cancer cells remaining. They also removed six lymph nodes during the surgery. And the reports indicated no cancer in any of them either, so we now know that the cancer had not yet spread to the lymphatic system. Therefore, based on all of the information we have, it appears that I am now cancer free.  I will have to go for follow-up tests and monitoring in the future, but the cancer is in the past.

I want to thank everyone for your thoughts, your encouragement, your support, but most of all your prayers during this time. It has been one of the most difficult times of my life. It has not only been difficult physically, but the stress and anxiety have been nearly overwhelming. But knowing that so many people care about me helped me get through it.

I have lost, at least for the remainder of this life, a number of family members and friends to cancer. And there are a number of people who I genuinely care about who have been and currently are fighting cancer. I don’t know why God answers some prayers differently, but my prayers for them continue.

I feel truly blessed that the outcome was what I wanted it to be. But I believe God had prepared me to accept the outcome, regardless of which way it would have turned out. Because I believe that God is good. All the time.

I have been back at work for a little while now, but I was just recently cleared to get back on my bike again. So I am now starting to go for my lunchtime bike rides again throughout the city and the greater D.C. area.  And although I may not initially be able to ride and write it up for this blog as frequently as I did before, I hope to be able to write two or three times a week about what I see, what I learn, and what I think about while I resume exploring our nation’s capitol one ride at a time.

For this first ride, I chose to take it a little easy and see how things went.  And for the first time since last year I also had to contend with some winter weather while riding.  And it was my first ride of any kind in months.  And although I am mostly healed, I had heard there can still be some residual tenderness, especially when first starting back to riding again. But everything went well, and I’m glad to be back on the road again for my daily bike rides.

12647021_10206717204301422_1277904327392445532_n     12670228_10206717206701482_8591980053827427749_n     12647513_10206717208981539_7822439606678447554_n

12662678_10206717204141418_8213324473206331154_n     12661966_10206717210381574_1919696063500430152_n     12669665_10206717210581579_6289917689154032089_n

12645134_10206717211381599_5988234388764206697_n     12647136_10206717211661606_2107921980950602961_n

  1. MG says:

    This is great news! So glad to read your latest post, and welcome back!

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  2. Welcome back! Great news and I’m looking forward to seeing your posts again.

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    • Thanks, Robin.

      While I was home recuperating and unable to ride a bike, I went over my list of completed and published blog posts. Including the one from today, there are currently 350. I also went over my list of places I’ve either visited and not yet written about, or have yet to see. And there are 403 additional unfinished drafts or topics yet to be written about. So I hope you’ll continue reading them.


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