Best of the Rest – Part 4

Posted: December 22, 2017 in Photos

As Jeff Goldbloom’s character said in Jurassic Park, “Life finds a way.”

Today’s blog post is fourth part of a five-part series of my favorite miscellaneous photos from the past year that have not been previously posted here on this blog.  Part 1Part 2 and Part 3 of the series were previously posted.  And please come back next Friday for the last part of my year-end collection of miscellaneous photos from 2017.


[Click on the photos to view the full-size versions]

1 – Streetcar tracks and cobblestones reminiscent of an earlier time on O Street in Georgetown
2 – Students relaxing on a fall day in Red Square at Georgetown University
3 – A shark outside of the National Geographic Headquarters building for Shark Week
4 – The magnificent pipe organ at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle
5 – A dilapidated home in the University Heights neighborhood in northeast D.C.
6 – A homeless man sleeping on one of the benches surrounding the fountain in DuPont Circle
7 – A flower garden and statue of St. Francis in the courtyard at The Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America
8 – A sign advertising classes in graffiti art in front of the on 8th Street in Brentwood
9 – Some ladybug-like bugs in The Mary Livingston Ripley Garden 
10 – An apartment building under construction on Pennsylvania Avenue on Capitol Hill
11 – A view from 4th Street of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
12 – A musician performing at the Downtown Holiday Market near the National Portrait Gallery
13 – A bulldog tied up at a bicycle rack outside a bookstore on Connecticut Avenue
14 – Pigeons perched next to a green algae-filled fountain at the United States Navy Memorial
15 – The front window of Kramerbooks and Afterworks on Connecticut Avenue
16 – A building reflected off another building in Downtown D.C.
17 – An ethnic dancing display in front of Healy Hall at Georgetown University
18 – An autumn game of tic-tac-to at the farmers market at the U.S. Department of Agriculture
19 – The Lost and Found bar and music venue on 9th Street in D.C.’s Shaw neighborhood
20 – A local news crew interviewing one of the daily protestors at the White House
21 – A giant spider envelops a house in Georgetown in its web
22 – Various vegetables for sale at the farmers market in City Center
23 – People petting baby goats and other animals at a temporary petting zoo on the National Mall
24 – A construction site on 9th Street in Downtown D.C.
25 – Succulents in a pot on the stone fence of a residence
26 – A colorful protest in Lafayette Square Park
27 – The corner of this building in Blagden Ally caught my eye
28 –  Someone was having a worse day than I was the day I took this photo
29 – A large old tree provided some shade at a Friday cookout with the Georgetown University Grilling Society (GUGS)
30 – This street preacher had an almost unending crowd passing by in front of Union Station
31 – A blow-up Easter Bunny advertising display, in September
32 – Colorful peppers at the Vermont Avenue Farmers Market
33 – Construction on New York Avenue just north of Chinatown
34 – The iconic gold-domed corner of the Suntrust Bank building at the corner of 15th Street and New York Avenue
35 – Some decorative multi-colored cabbage in a garden in Mount Pleasant
36 – A colorful door and trim on a brownstone in the West End neighborhood
37 – The weekday famers market at City Center in Downtown
38 – An appetizing window display at Tadich’s Take Out
39 – Art can pop up almost anywhere in D.C., such as this storm drain in Adams Morgan
40 – The corner window of Soul Cycle on M Street in Georgetown
41 – Patriotically attired tourist waiting to get in to see The Petersen House where President Lincoln died
42 – One of the embassies in D.C. – Christ Embassy, on 18th Street in Brookland

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