Today’s 24th Annual Blue Mass and Procession

During today’s bike ride I rode to St. Patrick’s Catholic Church to attend the 24th annual Blue Mass, which is an annual mass celebrated as an opportunity for the community to show gratitude to first responders and their families.  Celebrated each year by the Catholic Church, the Blue Mass is similar to the Red Mass, a service held to honor law enforcement officers and others in the public safety field who died in the line of duty during the past year, and to pray for the safety in the coming year of those still serving.  Here in D.C., the service is usually held shortly before the beginning of National Police Week

Located at 619 10th Street (MAP) in northwest D.C.’s Penn Quarter neighborhood, St. Patrick’s is the oldest parish in the national capitol city.  It was founded in 1794 to minister to the needs of the stonemasons building The White House and the U.S. Capitol Building, and continues to serve the needs of downtown D.C. through daily Mass and confession, as well as adult education and cultural activities.

Before the beginning of the Mass, hundreds of law enforcement officers and public safety officials gather outside for the solemn processional into the church. Units from a variety of Federal, state, and local jurisdictions from the D.C. Metropolitan Area and around the country gather in official formation to pass under a huge American flag proudly hung over the street by two fire ladder trucks. Also gathered outside are officers on horseback, as well as bagpipe and drum corps units.

Inside the church, the principal celebrant and homilist again this year was His Eminence Donald Cardinal Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington. The Blue Mass included A Police Officers’ Prayer to Saint Michael, who as the Archangel of battle and defender of Heaven, is said to be the Patron Saint of policemen.

The police officers’ prayer to St. Michael is as follows:  “Dear Saint Michael, Your name means, “Who is Like a God”, and it indicates that You remained faithful when others rebelled against God. Help the police officers of our day who strive to stem the rebellion and evil that are rampant on all sides. Keep them faithful to their God as well as to their country and their fellow human beings.  Amen.”  The Mass also included the solemn playing of “Taps” in memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice during the past year.

Today’s Blue Mass was a powerful reminder of that working in the public safety field is not only extremely difficult and dangerous, but also involves a willingness to sacrifice for others, even if they don’t appreciate it.


The Procession Leading Into the Church for Mass


[Click on the photos to view the full-size versions]

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