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Posted: July 31, 2020 in Events, Miscellaneous
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Putting FBI Headquarters in My Bike’s Rearview Mirror

After six and a half years of going out for a bike ride each day during my lunch break from work and then writing about it in this blog, things are changing.  Actually, they have been changing for awhile.  Some minor health issues during the past year kept me from riding as much as I traditionally had.  And then back in March the coronavirus pandemic hit.  And instead of going in to my office, I was ordered to telework from home.  This, combined with lockdowns, closures, social distancing and everything else that has been going on, temporarily kept me from riding and writing at all.  And now the biggest change of them all has occurred.  Today, after working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for the past 32 years, I retired.

And based on these changes, this blog will be changing too.  Instead of short bike rides during my lunch hour, I will be able to start going for longer rides.  And this will enable me to ride to places where I otherwise would not be able to go.  And instead of the bike I kept in the basement parking garage of my office building, I will be riding a wider variety of my bikes that I keep at home.

Additionally, now that I will have the time and the freedom to ride when, where and what I want, I will soon begin training for long-distance rides and the multi-day bike touring that I have been planning for some time, but not been able to fit into my schedule.  It will take some training to get back to the level of physical fitness I was at just a year or so ago.  And that will take some time.  But starting today I will have a lot of that.

Not everything will be changing, however.  I will still be riding to various places throughout D.C. like I always have.  It’s much too interesting a city to stop exploring it.  There are still many statues and monuments I have yet to see and find out more about.  There are many murals and pieces of public artwork I have yet to take in and appreciate.  And there are a whole bunch of restaurants I have yet to experience.  And now that I’ll have plenty of time to leisurely enjoy a meal, I hope to visit more of these than I was blt to in the past.  There are so many things and events and places I have yet to see, I look forward to retirement enabling me to continue riding around the city and then write about what I see, what I learn, and what I think about as I continue to explore our nation’s capital one ride at a time.


FBI Headquarters, Where I spent the Last 32 Years



Some of My Bikes that I’ll be Riding for the Next 32 Years

  1. Mr Surly says:

    I’ll look forward to your new adventures. For exercise I’ve been retracing your rides starting from the very beginning!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Enjoy. I know I did. But don’t be afraid to also just ride off in unknown directions and explore the city. I discovered some very interesting things by just riding with no destination or plans. I got lost a few times too. But it’s so much easier now to find your way back with GPS, which I didn’t have when I first started.
      P.S. And don’t forget to use the DC Bike Blogger MAP of D.C.


  2. johnmflores says:

    Just bumped into you blog on BikeForums. My girlfriend moved to DC last winter and we were hoping to do more exploring of the city via bicycle, but this pandemic has thrown a big pedal wrench into all of those plans. But once we get started, we’ll be sure to use this blog as a guide.

    So thanks for putting this out there onto the internets for folks like me to stumble into! And enjoy your retirement!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. I hope you and your girlfriend enjoy your rides when you are able to get started. I have a feeling that once you get started you won’t want to stop.
      P.S. And don’t forget to use the DC Bike Blogger MAP of D.C.


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