Long-Distance Touring


Bike touring can be a perfect counterbalance to the hustle of modern-day life.  The simple act of travelling with minimal possessions at your own pace and under your own power on one of the most efficient inventions in the history of mankind can serve as an antidote to those seeking  relief from the hectic day-to-day fast-paced lives many of us find ourselves living.

Travelling by bike also gives the rider the flexibility to travel long distances without missing out on what there is to be seen and experienced along the way.  It makes the saying, “It’s not the destination, but the journey,” truly possible.

I have not had the time or opportunity to go on a long-distance bike tour while I have been working and raising children.  Touring is something that I have often thought about, but unable to do.  The daily lunchtime bike rides that I frequently write about in this blog have thus far been a compromise.  But now, with my kids grown and my being eligible to retire, I have gone beyond thinking about bike touring to planning tours I would like to take.

As part of this planning I have sought advice about bike touring, researched what to bring and what not to bring on a tour, and looked into some of the locations where I would initially like to tour once I retire.

I have drafted lists of advice, and of tour equipment that I have purchased or obtain in preparation for that day when I can take off on my first tour.  I have also used the information about the locations where I would like to go to put together tour routes and information in a format similar to a travel brochure.  By clicking on the following links you can access what I have found out and put together so so far.