Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail Bike Tour





Mile Marker 106.5 – Key Largo

Key Largo to Islamorada, 25

Islamorada to Marathon, 35

Marathon to Little Torch Key, 23

Little Torch Key to Key West, 28

Milemarker 0 – Key West



Some highlights include:

  • Lower Matacumbe Key to Channel 5 historic bridge, 5.5 miles (MM 72-MM 77.5)
  • Long Key Trail & Bridge, 2.2 miles (MM 65-MM 68.5)
  • Grassy Key Trail, 4 miles (MM 54.5-MM 58.5)
  • Toms Harbor/Toms Harbor Cut, 5 miles (MM 60.5-MM 61.5)
  • Saddlebunch Trail, 4 miles (MM 11-MM15)
  • Knight’s Key Trailhead to Pigeon Key, 2 miles (MM45-MM 47)
  • Dagny Johnson Key Largo Hammock State Park
  • John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park
  • Windley Key Fossil Reef Geological State Park
  • Indian Key Historic State Park
  • Lignumvitae Key Botanical State Park
  • San Pedro Underwater Archaeological Preserve
  • Curry Hammock State Park
  • Bahia Honda State Park
  • Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park



FKOHT         Trails & Side trails


Upper Keys


Dagny Johnson Key Largo Hammock Botanical State Park

Park at Pennekamp State Park or Key Largo Hammock Botanical State         Park. Ride four miles on the FKOHT north from Pennekamp to MM 106.5.         Turn right onto Garden Cove Road and ride past Garden Cove (a nice         Oceanside kayak launch). Follow the road around until it becomes Loquat         Drive. Take this to the end and go right at Card Sound Road for 50 feet         to park entrance on right. The first half mile of trail is paved then         becomes 6 miles of backcountry dirt trail. Obtain backcountry permit at         Pennekamp State Park to ride on this section.

Key Largo

Park at Pennekamp State Park (MM 102.5) or Harry Harris County         Park (MM 92.8). There are numerous businesses and intersections along         this stretch of bike path, so be careful! The path is on the Oceanside         of US 1 from Pennekamp to the traffic light at MM 99 where it crosses to         the middle of US 1. At MM 96.5 it crosses back to the Oceanside. At MM         92.8 turn onto Burton Drive and ride the bike lane 1 mile to Harry         Harris Park. Activities here include swimming, boat ramps, picnic         shelters & grills, ball fields, a playground and restrooms.


Park at Coral Shores High School (MM 90). The “Village of Islands”         includes: Plantation Key, Windley Key, Upper & Lower Matecumbe Keys.         Biking through this chain of islands offers many options. Besides the         Old Highway which parallels US 1 on the Oceanside, there is often a bike         path on both sides of US 1. Take your pick, but the Old Hwy is the most         removed from traffic. Ride on bridge shoulders to cross between the         islands. A very enjoyable section is the two-mile stretch along Indian         Key Fill (MM 77.5 – 79.5) with views of both the ocean and bay as well         as Shell Key, Indian Key, and Lignumvitae Key State Parks.


Middle Keys


Long Key Trail

Park at Long Key State Park (MM 68) or at the south end of the         Long Key Bridge (MM 63). Ride one mile north into the town of Layton or         5 miles south across the Long Key Viaduct, over two miles long.

Grassy Key Bike Trail

One of the completed sections of the Overseas Heritage Trail         located north of Marathon from MM 54-58. Bike trail traverses unique         mangroves, marshes, coastal rock barren, and rockland hammock         ecosystems. Look for migratory birds in the Spring and Fall. Park along         the road shoulder on the Bayside at either end of this stretch.

Pigeon Key Bridge       

Park in the parking area at MM 47 on the north side of the Seven         Mile Bridge. The old bridge is open to bicyclists and pedestrians. Ride         2 miles out to Pigeon Key. Look for stingrays, sharks and sea turtles in         the shallow water below. On the island are historic buildings and         exhibits about Flagler’s Railroad. Guided and self-guided tours are         available for a fee.

Marathon Beaches

Park at Sombrero Beach (end of Sombrero Beach Rd at MM 50) or Coco         Plum Beach (end of Coco Plum Drive at MM 54). A two-mile bike path from         Sombrero Beach leads to US 1. Cross to gulf side and ride on bike path         to MM 54. Take two-mile bike path along Coco Plum Beach Road to end.         These are two of the nicest beaches in this area – one is a manicured         park with picnic pavilions, a playground with restrooms and showers; the         other is a natural two-mile stretch of sand with covered picnic         pavilions and a composting toilet.


Lower Keys


Saddlebunch Trail

One of the completed sections of the Overseas Heritage Trail,         north of Key West from MM 11-15, this section of trail traverses five         historical Flagler Railroad Bridges. The Saddlebunch Keys link six small         mangrove islands offering great views of the Gulf of Mexico and the         Atlantic.

Big Pine Key & No Name Key

From US 1, turn north onto Key Deer Boulevard.  After two         miles, note the sign on the right for the Blue Hole. Bicycling is not         permitted on the Watson and Mannillo Trails, but the public is welcome         to hike and bike on any of the fire roads and other trails on refuge         land, except for those marked with “Closed” signs. Managed by the US         Fish and Wildlife Service.

As you head back toward US 1, turn left         onto Watson Blvd. The road will curve to the left and take you to the         bridge to No Name Key. Look for key deer but please do not approach or         feed!

Cudjoe Key

At MM 22.7, turn Oceanside onto Cutthroat Drive and park at the         corner of Look Down Lane. Cutthroat continues as a dirt road. Refuge         lands begin at the gate, approximately 100 yards down the dirt road.         Trail continues for approximately ½ mile and is open to hikers and         bicyclists.  Managed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Upper Sugarloaf Key

At MM 19.5, at the Sugarloaf School, turn north onto Crane         Boulevard. Drive to the gate that is across the road and park. The road         continues for approximately 1.5 miles one way and is open for hikers and         bicyclists. Managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Sugarloaf Key

From the blinking light at MM 17, turn Oceanside onto Sugarloaf         Boulevard. Continue approximately two miles to the stop sign and park         along the road to the right. To the left, there is a trail beyond the         gate which makes a loop. Managed by Monroe County.

For a longer ride, continue west at the stop sign for three         miles. The road ends at a gate across the road and becomes an         overgrown trail for approximately two more miles one way. This is open         for hikers and bicyclists. Managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife         Service.



Boca Chica Beach

Park at US 1 and Boca Chica Road at MM 10.8. Ride three miles over         two creeks to reach the Boca Chica Beach parking area. Continue by foot         along beach or continue riding along the trail.

Key West Loop

Park at Smather’s Beach or Fort Zachary Taylor State Park. Ride         along the sidewalk at Smathers Beach along South Roosevelt Boulevard.         This will eventually turn into a sea wall as you go around the southeast         corner of the island. Cross at the light where US 1 enters Key West and         you are now on North Roosevelt Boulevard. Take a right at Palm Avenue         and ride past the charter fishing boats. Take a left onto Eaton Street.         (A right turn on Margaret, William or Elizabeth Streets will take you to         the historic seaport.) Eaton Street will cross Duval Street (if you want         to see this famous Key West shopping & drinking corridor go right or         left to the end or park your bike and stroll)! At Whitehead Street take         a left and follow to the end to reach the Southernmost Point. (A right         on Southard Street will take you to Fort Zachary Taylor State Park if         this was your starting point.) Continue along South Street to Reynolds         Street and go right to see the Casa Marina, Flagler’s original Key West         resort. Reynolds Street ends at Atlantic Boulevard. Go left to Bertha         Street and take a right. You are back at Smathers Beach.


Biking/Hiking Trails Managed by Florida State Parks:

Key Largo Hammock         Botanical SP – ½ mile paved & 6 miles backcountry trail

John Pennekamp Coral         Reef SP – 2 ½-mile walking trails

Windley Key Fossil Reef         Geological SP – ¾ mile loop trail

Lignumvitae Key         Botanical SP – 2 mile walking trail (ranger-guided only)

Indian Key Historic SP         – approximately 2 miles around historic streets

Long Key SP – 1- mile         and ¼ mile nature trails

Curry Hammock SP – 1.5         miles

Bahia Honda State Park         – 1.5-mile loop trail & walking path to old bridge

Fort Zachary Taylor         Historic SP – 1 mile