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Dark Star Park

Across the Potomac River from D.C., in the Rosslyn neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia, is Dark Star Park (MAP).  Both a park and a commissioned art project by Nancy Holt, it contains large spherical stones that are designed to resemble fallen, extinguished stars.  In additional to the spheres of varying sizes, the park also contains shadow-images inset in the ground, two reflecting pools, four steel poles extending upward some 15 feet, and two cylindrical tunnels, all scattered across the small park situated amidst numerous high rise buildings and the rush of several intersections.  Each year on August 1, the day (in 1860) when William Henry Ross originally deeded the land that would become the thriving urban village that is his namesake, the actual shadows align with the inset shadow-images at precisely 9:32 am.  This day is known as Dark Star Park Day, and is an annual celebration of all of Arlington’s public art efforts.

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