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Candy Car

The Candy Car

While on my bike ride I recently came across this tiny car parked in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of D.C..  Although the car would stand out at any time of the year,  the candy-themed vehicle seems particularly relevant during this week leading up to Halloween. The car belongs to The National Confectioners Association, a trade group representing candy manufacturing companies.  Founded in 1884, the National Confectioners Association is one of the oldest trade associations in the world, with a mission to advance, protect and promote the industry.

As I stopped to look at the car and take a photograph, the woman driving it walked up to get in.  She said hello, and from her demeanor I imagine she is used to the attention the car receives.  I jokingly replied, “Trick or treat.”  And based on what she did next, she is apparently also used to the car eliciting this type of response.  She popped open the trunk, and reached in and grabbed a handful of candy which she then gave to me.  It was the first time I have been trick-or-treating in a very long time.